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To renew your 2018 season tickets online, you must agree to the terms and conditions below in order to proceed. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you will be able to select your payment option on the following pages. Four payment options are available to you to pay for your 2018 season tickets.


Consent To Use Electronic Records And Signatures

We are required by law to give you certain information “in writing” – which means you are entitled to receive it on paper. We need your consent in order to provide you this information electronically, instead and to use electronic records and signatures in our relationship with you.

In this Consent, the words "we," "us," and "our" mean New York Jets LLC as well as any affiliate, successor or assign. The words "you" and "your" means the person giving consent. “Communications” means each notice, agreement, or other information we provide to you, or that you sign or submit or agree to at our request.

  1. Your Consent. You agree that any of the Communications we provide to you, or that you sign or agree to at our request, may be in electronic form. Your Consent will apply to this transaction and all documents related to this transaction, as well as all future transactions with us. We may also use electronic signatures and obtain them from you on any Communication.

    Each Communication that we provide to you in electronic form will be delivered either (1) by your accessing an online location we designate or (2) via e-mail. We may send you an e-mail, text message, push notification, or other electronic notice at the time the Communication is available, and the Communication will be available at the designated online location regardless of whether or not we send such notice. We may establish security procedures you will have to follow to access the online location.

    We may always, in our sole discretion, provide you with any Communications on paper, even if you have authorized electronic delivery. We may do so if our attempts to provide you with electronic notice are unsuccessful.

    Sometimes the law, or our agreement with you, requires you to give us a written notice. You must still provide these notices to us on paper, unless we tell you how to deliver the notice to us electronically.

  2. How to Withdraw Consent. You may withdraw your consent to receive Communications electronically at any time by contacting us at 800-469-JETS (5387) or service@newyorkjets.com. A withdrawal of your consent to receive electronic Communications will be effective only after we have had a reasonable period of time to process your withdrawal.

  3. How to Update Your Contact Information. It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate and complete e-mail address and other contact information, and to maintain and update promptly any changes in this information. You can update your contact information at any time by calling us at 800-469-JETS (5387) or online in Account Manager at myrewards.newyorkjets.com. If you have given us another type of electronic address, such as an electronic address or mobile phone number for SMS text messages, you may also change that address by going to Account Manager.

  4. Hardware and Software Requirements. To receive electronic Communications, you must have access to:

    • a Current Version (defined below) of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari or Firefox,
    • a connection to the Internet,
    • a Current Version of a program that accurately reads and displays PDF files, and
    • a computer and an operating system capable of supporting all of the above. You will also need a printer if you wish to print out and retain records on paper, and electronic storage if you wish to retain records in electronic form.

    You must also have an active email address.

    By "Current Version," we mean a version of the software that is currently being supported by its publisher. From time to time, we may offer services or features that require that your Internet browser be configured in a particular way, such as permitting the use of JavaScript or cookies. If we detect that your Internet browser is not properly configured, we will provide you with a notice and advice on how to update your configuration. We may also require you to use a Current Version of one or more specific software applications we may specify from time to time. We reserve the right to discontinue support of a Current Version of any software if, in our sole opinion, it suffers from a security flaw or other flaw that makes it unsuitable for use.

    If our hardware or software requirements change, and that change would create a material risk that you would not be able to access or retain electronic Communications, we will give you notice of the revised hardware or software requirements. Continuing to use this service after receiving notice of the change is reaffirmation of your consent.

  5. Requesting Paper Copies. We will not send you a paper copy of electronic Communications from us, unless you request it or we otherwise deem it appropriate to do so. You can obtain a paper copy of certain Communications we provide to you electronically by printing it yourself or by requesting that we mail you a paper copy. Requests for paper copies must be made within a reasonable time after we first provided the electronic Communication to you. To request a paper copy, contact us by telephone at 800-469-JETS (5387) or email us at service@newyorkjets.com. There is no charge associated with requesting a paper copy of a Communication we sent you electronically.

  6. Retaining copies. We encourage you to print or download for your records a copy of all electronic Communications, as well as this Consent disclosure and any other document that is important to you.

  7. Termination/Changes. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to discontinue the provision of your electronic Communications, or to terminate or change the terms and conditions on which we provide electronic Communications. We will provide you with notice of any such termination or change as required by law

Mobile Telephone - Permission to Contact

By giving us your mobile telephone number, we have your permission to contact you at that number regarding all accounts you have with us. Your consent allows us to use text messaging, artificial or prerecorded voice messages and automatic dialing technology for informational and account service calls, but not for telemarketing or sales calls. It may include calls from companies working on our behalf to service your account. Message and data rates may apply. You can change these preferences at any time by contacting us.


Automatic Payment Options

By selecting an automatic payment option, you authorize the Jets to charge your payment method in future seasons for future ticket account purchases. As a benefit, your 2019 season ticket price will not increase from your 2018 season ticket price.

  1. PAY IN FULL—Automatic Payment Price Freeze. Pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or electronic check.
  2. MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN—Automatic Payment Price Freeze Spread out your season ticket payments over equal monthly installments.

Standard Payment Options

By selecting a standard payment option, your 2019 season ticket price will be subject to possible increases.

  1. PAY IN FULL You must provide payment information for your tickets every year if you select this option. Pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express), check, electronic check, or money order.
  2. FOUR MONTH PAYMENT PLAN Spread out your season ticket payments over four equal installments. You must provide payment information for your tickets every year if you select this option.

Terms and Conditions for Payment Options

If you select one of these payment options, you acknowledge and agree to each of the following:

  • By selecting a payment option, you authorize New York Jets LLC or its affiliates (“New York Jets” or “Jets”) to initiate electronic debits to the payment method you select (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Electronic Check), or to any updated payment method that you subsequently supply to the Jets (your “Payment Method”), for the purchase of season tickets. These debits will be made, according to the option that you select, in the amount and on the payment dates specified on the applicable season ticket invoice, or in any subsequent pricing notification.
  • If you select an automatic payment option, your authorization extends to subsequent season ticket purchases you may make. If you previously enrolled in the four month installment ACH payment plan, this is an automatic payment plan and you will continue to be enrolled in that plan for the 2018 season.
  • Season tickets purchased under an automatic payment plan are not subject to season ticket price increases for the 2019 season, provided your automatic payment season ticket account is current.
  • The Jets may reinitiate any electronic debit to your Payment Method that is unsuccessful. For example, the Jets may, at their option, debit your Payment Method for a prior unsuccessful payment amount plus the scheduled payment amount. If two debits in a calendar year are not honored on first submission, the Jets, in their sole discretion, have the right to remove you from an automatic payment option. Your bank may charge you a fee if a debit is not honored, and the Jets will have no liability for any such fee. The Jets may initiate a credit or debit, as applicable, to your Payment Method to correct any error the Jets may have made in seeking a payment.
  • If you choose an installment plan option, a disclosure showing the dates and amounts of the required payments will be emailed to you. If you do not receive it or you want to change your payment option, please contact a New York Jets representative.
  • Payments are due on the first of the month. For the monthly payment plan automatic payment option that begins in March 2018, there will be 10 payments, and payments will be due from March to December. Starting in 2019, there will be 12 payments, and payments will be due from January to December. For the four month payment plan that begins in March 2018, payments will be due from March through June. The Jets may offer more payment options, and the number and dates of payments will be adjusted accordingly.
  • The New York Jets reserve the right to terminate or modify these payment plans, including, without limitation, the number of installments, payment dates, and/or your season ticket invoice amount. The Jets will provide notice as required by law. However, if you maintain your participation in the automatic payment option, your price for the 2019 season will not increase from the 2018 price.
  • Season tickets are subject to the Season Ticket Account Rights and Obligations which can be found at newyorkjets.com/SeasonTicketAccountRightsandObligations. New York Jets season tickets are a series of revocable licenses to attend New York Jets games. Participating in an automatic payment option does not modify the Season Ticket Account Rights and Obligations.
  • These payment options do not require you to pay any interest and do not include any additional fees.

Changing Your Payment Method Authorization

You may change or terminate your Payment Method authorization at any time by contacting your New York Jets representative. It may take up to three business days for the change to take effect. The Jets reserve the right to terminate this authorization at any time. If this authorization is cancelled or terminated, you must set up other payment arrangements for any remaining payments due, or, if applicable, for any subsequent season ticket purchases.

Contact a New York Jets Representative at: 800-469-JETS (5387) or service@newyorkjets.com.

Or write to: New York Jets, Attn: Ticket Department, One Jets Drive, Florham Park, NJ 07932

By [clicking "I Agree"] you agree that you have read and agree to the Electronic and Mobile Phone Communication and Terms and Conditions for Payment Options. You are providing consent to the use of electronic signatures, agreeing to receive Communications electronically, confirming that you meet the hardware and software requirements, and the terms and conditions for the payment option you select. You are giving us permission to contact you by mobile telephone. You are also confirming that you are authorized to, and do, consent on behalf of all of your co-licensees, if applicable.

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